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About Bonier Hotel Cabinets Mfg. & Service Co.

About Bonier Hotel Cabinets Mfg. & Service Co.

My Story

Bonier Hotel Manufacturing & Services Co. since 1984


What makes us different the other is that we own our own cabinets manufacturing. We provide more than just cabinets however. Our company will work with you on repainting appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators, as well as refinishing and reupholstering furniture.

What We Do

The secret to our high quality brand is our passion for creating beautiful pieces for our clients and their projects. We create a personalized product with a thoughtful and functional design to make your everyday cabinetry and furniture become extraordinary.

Bonier's skilled carpenters and fabricators maintain quality in craftsmanship throughout installation and consistently execute each project according to the plans.

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